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Harrison - this is a picture of a restored machine with a 4.5" 60/30 needle set.

The Harrison SUN after restoration. Note the yarn cross with the makers name cast into it & the two additional cylinders

The Harrison SUNETTE which had just been restored mounted on a cast iron CSM table.
This machine was made to appeal to the domestic market as it clamped to the table, the industrial ones bolted to the bench in the factories / mills.

This is the back plate of the Sunette.

Yet another Harrison CSM - an industrial type shown clamped to a cast iron table.


Two pictures of a Harrison CSM made for blind operatives.
Note the row counter has been specially adapted with 3 bumps for 100
stitches, 2 bumps for 50 & 1 bump for 10. The stitch size setting has been adapted with small posts to enable the blind operator to use it.
In addition the height of the dial adjustment has had slots cut into it to help the user.

harrisson workshop
This is a picture from an old Harrison book showing a workshop / mill belonging to one of their clients equipped with hundreds & hundreds of Harrison CSMs, as well as the operatives who are all dressed in the standard
issue pinafore. That is other than the bench forewoman, who appears to be wearing a white smock & is to the right facing the photographer.